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During the whole season Vranov Cultural Summer will be held. The list of events is being updated on the fly. Information on interesting events at the Vranov State Chateau can be found on their following websites:

Also in the year 2017 you can be looking forward to a very popular Stand-up Comedy Show, fencing performances and many others...

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When you feel like you have enjoyed a holiday by the water a lot, you can go out for a trip with the kids. The possibilities are inexhaustible. If you do not want to go far, take a ship from the Vranov Dam to the Bítov Castle or take a sightseen train to the Vranov Chateau. Exploring children can take a tour of the Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant.

If you wish to make your trip more active, take your children on a bike trip. You do not need to bring your mountain bikes with you, just rent them with us. Surrounding cycling trails offer a beautiful spectacle, and if you are fit, you can follow the rout across the Podyjí National Park even to Austria!

A visit to the historical town of Znojmo will also be a pleasant experience. You can present the history to your children in an entertaining form during a visit in Znojmo accompanied by Mrs. Catherine in period costumes. And you do not forget to taste some good wine here. After such a busy day with children, you definitely deserve it.