ATC Vranovská pláž - camping in the heart of Vranov Dam

Vranovská pláž večerní romantika

Vranovská pláž is a renowned recreational area, which has been attracting countless hordes of visitors since May.

Vranovská pláž evening romance 
Vranovská pláž evening romance

Those who favor peace and quiet prefer the Bítov camp at the west end of the dam, those r seeking an active vacation, prefer the livelier ATC Vranovská pláž. They find it particularly appealing with attractions and plenty ofl recreational and sport activities, (mostly provided free of charge).

Moreover, in the adjacent area of the Military Convalescent Centre the visitors to Vranovská pláž can – at a fee – have a massage, play squash, tennis and minigolf, and use the jacuzzi or sauna.

The management of the camp is able to arrange a cruise on the boats Valentýna or Viktoria (the former Moskva, which sailed the Vranov dam until 1992, is now sailing the Vltava River under the name Moravia), arrange a visit to a wine cellar, Vranov castle or even take a bus trip to Vienna.

The tourist train on a route from the beach across the dam to Vranov Castle and the town of Vranov nad Dyjí is also very popular.

The tourist trainWeekend cultural events in the ATC Vranovská beach

As a rule there are cultural events every weekend during the season, of which the most prestigious two will attract up to 15 thousand visitors to the camp.

These events are the Vranov Volleyball Summer, involving several dozen teams from the Czech Republic and abroad, and the The Champagne Dip contest in August when bottles of sparkling wine are fished up from the bottom of the Vranov dam, the proceeds of which go to the charitable foundation Paraple.

The related programme regularly includes performances by a famous singer or group. The director of the camp notes:

"Our work with the organizers of these events, Mr. Jiří Bílek (Vranov summer) and Ing. Kalaš from the company Wine Cellars Lechovice (Champagne Dip) is based on a friendly and mutually beneficial relationship. ATC Vranovská pláž helps by providing free space, electricity, security and technical assistance, and also provides cleaning and rubbish collection. Our guests have access to these events and the program for free. "

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Vranovská pláž

The head of ATC Vranovská pláž Pavel Svoboda states that he would like to gradually bring the Vranov camp area up to the level of the camps in Austria, Spain, Italy or France. The quality of the camp should, as he says, correspond (in terms of its infrastructure, equipment and services) with the beauty of the natural surroundings.

Although three-star camping has seen many visible changes in the past five years, the director has still many more renovation projects. After completing street lighting, increasing the range of sporting activities and reconstructing of the Na Stráni Lodge, there will be a number of other improvements such as the surfacing of access roads, reconstruction of the switchback, building of bungalows with sanitary facilities (instead of aging cottages), a new sanitary facility near the beach, etc.

Camp visitors may now use the new bathroom with all amenities, including showers with hot water, kitchens, barrier-free toilets, baby room, automatic washing machine and chemical toilets.

Food within the ATC Vranovská pláž is provided by a number of restaurants and bistros, and there are two grocery stores, self-service machines, and there is the public fireplace for which it will be possible, this year, to borrow a so called garden grill. (See services on offer at

Skluzavka kemp Vranovská plážWhen asked what camping accommodation options are currently offered, Mr. Svoboda answers:

As regards indoor accommodation, there are 45 two-and four-bed cottages without sanitary facilities with a total capacity of 144 people, the lodge for 36 people and the older hostel, that is scheduled for reconstruction. Surprisingly, there is considerable interest in the hostel, especially among cyclists and “stray“ visitors.

They use it to sleep for one or two nights, of course, “for a song“, and then continue their journey. On the other hand, the lodge is a comfortable place. It went through costly reconstruction and offers 12 rooms with private kitchen and bathroom.

Each room has TV, internet connection and heating. The camp offers about 300 places for tents (prices differ according to the location) and 80 places for caravans with electricity supply. Another 50 luxury caravan stands with an area of 100 m2 will be added to those in the near future, with the electricity supply, water and waste, plus data cable, i.e. connection to the TV and internet.

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