Sports and Teambuilding Activities

Activities aimed at building a working team, developing trust among its members, creating positive ties and enhancing mutual co-operation. Comprehensive, thematically tuned programmes are prepared and stylized individually according to the client's specifications.

The simpler forms of team activities include so-called team games: difficult team games with a time duration of up to 20 minutes for groups of 8 to 12 people. All games focus on teamwork, communication, and choosing the optimal strategy - the solution process. The task is always clearly stated in advance, and the exact rules are set, and it is up to the contestants to choose what procedure they take when implementing such a task. All games can be rated by the number of points or it is possible to measure the final time required to complete the task properly.

Levitující tužka

Adrenalin and Outdoor Activities

Rope Park

The Rope Park in the crowns of 10 tall trees is located on the main beach of the Vranov Dam in the Vranov Beach Campsite. At a height of 4-9 meters above the ground, you can overcome a total of 17 different obstacles with four cableways in two circuits.

Abseiling from the Suspended Bridge

Abseiling into the free space from about 14-metre-high suspension bridge over the “Swiss Bay”.

Swing from the Bridge - Swing Jump

Jump from the bridge (approx. 15 meters) to the free space reaching the almost stretched dynamic rope and then the giant swing and abseiling into the boat.

Nontraditional and Other Sports Activities

Mobile Climbing Wall

The 8.5 metre high climbing wall offers several levels and variants of climbs from the simplest for small children over three years to the demanding ones, for experienced climbers. All participants are assured by qualified instructors using climbing equipment.

Bungee Running – Running on the Rubber Rope

The task of the participants is to come as far as possible against the resistance of the rubber rope, to which the participants are fastened by a climbing harness. At the same time they are assured by the instructor so that there is no back-catapulting.


Frolicking and various games in giant inflatable balls. No impact on the opponent will hurt. Tournaments for 3 to 4-member teams can be organized in different game variants tailored for this activity.

Water Football

A game for five-person teams in a special inflatable playground, with about 3 to 5 cm layer of water. It is possible to organize a company-wide tournament.


Nontraditional game for teams of four.

Boat and Sporting Goods Rental

Possibility to rent paddle boats, rowing boats, canoes, electric boats, sea kayaks and many others …

Orienteering for Teams

Focused on memory cells, in the area of the Vranov Beach, at the end of the performance of each team.

Trip on Scooters

This means of transport has been a experiencing a real renaissance in recent years. You can go alone or by accompanied by a guide to get to know many attractions of the surrounding countryside.

Shooting Disciplines

Perhaps everyone in childhood used to play soldiers or Indians. You can choose to shoot from an air rifle, a bow, a crossbow or an Indian blowpipe.

Low Rope Obstacles

These are rope courses that can be done without assurance (up to 1m above the ground). In all disciplines, skilfulness and a sense of balance are important.


There can be up to 10 people at a time. This adrenaline sport game, increasing in popularity, is organized on a 2000 m2 forest area, about 12 minutes’ walk from the beach, where natural obstacles are the tall trees, fallen trees, stumps, ditches and everything natural for such surroundings. You may shoot at your colleagues or even the boss ...

Fitness Lessons in Natural Environment

Workout lessons in the form of round training in a natural environment in a group of equally able-bodied individuals; the main ‘driving engine’ is team spirit and mutual support of all participants.