Getting-To-Know Activities

The Best of South Moravia

A two-day sightseeing tour that will show you the most beautiful places in South Moravia. During the first day you will visit the Lednice-Valtice area, taste the wine in the original wine cellar, you will see how wine is produced, and go by boat on Vranov Lake in the early evening.

Served for dinner, grilled piglet will be awaiting you and, of course, quality Moravian wines.

The next morning, you will stretch your body during light sports disciplines on the beach of the Vranov Dam. You will spend the afternoon in the royal town of Znojmo, where you will see the most interesting places which should definitely not avoid your attention - the town hall, the historic town of Znojmo, the Louka Monastery and the old town with winding streets. The two-day program is for groups of up to sixty.

Walking Through Unique Wine Cellars

You will visit 4 wine cellars, belonging to the world's rarities, and taste 18 samples of quality wines from the Znojmo wine region.

  • Cloister Cellar in Přímětice – the largest cloister cellar in the world
  • Louka Monastery in Znojmo – extensive cellar complex of Louka Monastery, where up to one million bottles of wine regularly mature
  • Painted cellar in Šatov - a unique wine cellar decorated with countless plastic paintings
  • Moravian cellar in Šatov - a vast labyrinth of corridors, where over one thousand archive private boxes are situated

Half-day program for groups of up to fifty people.

Beauty Of Znojmo Region Through All Your Senses

Weekend sightseeing tour for everyone.

On the first day you will visit the hydroelectric power station under the dam and the Vranov Chateau. After lunch, there is a real treat - wandering through unique wine cellars connected with wine tasting - you will visit 4 wine cellars belonging to the world's rarities and taste 18 samples of quality wines.

The next day, you will take a cruise ship to the Bítov Castle, known mainly for the largest collection of stuffed dogs in Central Europe. Upon return, you will end a two-day trip with lunch in a stylish restaurant overlooking the lake.

Wine Tour By Bike

Or "cycling weekend" with attribute. An experienced guide will take you from Vranov to the most beautiful places of the Podyjí National Park. From the viewing platform, you can see the meandering River Dyje, visit the ruins of the castle or the world-famous Šobes vineyard. At the end of the trip, you will come down to the stylish wine cellars, where you will taste the quality Moravian wines and the deserved dinner. Transport back to Vranov is ensured both for you and your two-wheel companions. The next day you can see the Vranov Chateau and the Bítov Castle or choose an individual programme with the possibility of consulting the selected route.

Clary’s Nature Trail

It is possible to include a bonus trial. A six-kilometre walk around the dam with lots of interesting places, stops and views of the Vranov Dam and the Podyjí National Park. You can liven the walk up through thematic tasks at individual checkpoints and take the whole journey in a competitive and playful way. In this case, it is ideal that at the intervals of about 15 minutes, up to ten teams should come out of the beach and compete with each other. Expected duration of the Clary’s Trail: 3.5 - 4 hours.

Wine Tasting On the Boat

A two-hour cruise tour along the Vranov Dam under the Bítov Castle, during which you will be tasting 2-3 samples of wines, accompanied by the sommelier.

Vranov Chateau

Dominant of the landscape towering on the rock above Vranov nad Dyjí. Rich decoration of interiors. It is also possible to provide an unconventional tour of the cellars, etc.

Fortress Museum

Preserved bunkers from the end of World War II with original equipment.

Hydroelectric Power Plant

Guided excursion of the hydroelectric power plant under the wall of the Vranov Dam - engine room of the power station, control room.