Operating Regulations

  1. The Camp Rules apply to the space reserved for tents, caravans and other accommodation units (such as mobile homes, cottages, guesthouse Na Strani, guesthouses Gaudeo and an apartment cottage U Mostu) in the area of Vranov beach and camp, which is operated by Vranovska plaz ltd, based in Mladonovice 65, (tax identification No: CZ28342259) and by Gaudeo – Vranovska plaz ltd, based in Mladonovice 65, (tax identification No: CZ02162695).
  2. Only a person registered at the reception in the camp entrance can be accommodated within the camp area. Each guest must produce a valid ID and pay for his stay. Every guest accommodated in a tent or a caravan will be given their registration No which then must be visible for identification purposes.
  3. The accommodation provider can under exceptional circumstances accommodate a guest in a slightly different accommodation than agreed upon at the time of reservation.
  4. A reservation can be cancelled or changed by the guest free of charge only if it is done so at least 60 days before the beginning of their planned arrival.
  5. Upon both leaving and returning to the camp guests must show their Accommodation card.
  6. The camp can only be used by people that are not suffering from a contagious illness, those that weren’t diagnosed as a parasite and/or an infection carried and those that weren’t placed under quarantine/medical observation.
  7. If not arranged otherwise, guests can check in from 3 pm. The guests must check out by 9 am from their rooms/apartments and by 12 pm from the camp/caravan area. Failing to do so can result in being charged for another day in full.
  8. A guest, checking in before 6 am, will be charged for the whole previous night as well.
  9. Guests must pay for their accommodation in advance.
  10. At the end of their stay guests must switch off all the lights, turn off the water valves, close windows and doors and return their key to a designated person.
  11. All guests must keep the camp clean and in order. Pitching of tents and parking vehicles is allowed only in designated areas of the camp. All guests must comply with the local municipal authority regulations (Štítary and Vranov upon Dyje) and with the regulation regarding the sanitary protection zone of water source.
  12. All guests are obliged to place their rubbish into the provided containers in designated areas only. It is not allowed to put any waste anywhere else in the whole area of the camp.
  13. Night peace must be kept from 0 am to 8 am except for event nights. On those nights the peace must be kept from 2 am to 8 am.
  14. Making fires is allowed only in designated areas chosen by the camp management.
  15. Washing cars and their servicing is strictly forbidden in the whole camp. Parking vehicles within the zone of sanitary protection of water source (even for a short time) is strictly prohibited.
  16. All camp and beach visitors/paying guests can park their cars in designated areas and with management permission only. Visitors/guests not observing these conditions will have their vehicles towed away.
  17. It is forbidden to draw/drink lemonade and beer from own keg within the whole camp area including all accommodation units.
  18. Guests are fully responsible for all damages caused according to general regulations.
  19. Use of own electrical appliances is not allowed.
  20. For safety reasons, it is forbidden to leave children unsupervised in all types of accommodation within the camp/beach.
  21. Dogs and other animals are banned within the whole area of the camp and beach.
  22. Lodging provider is responsible for money, personal documents and other valuables only when they are placed in his custody for safe keeping. The provider is not liable for any valuables placed elsewhere.
  23. All guests should note that the camp area is monitored by the CCTV and therefore agree that they may be monitored too.
  24. Every guest must read and observe these Camp Rules. By paying for their accommodation/entrance ticket every guest declares that they have read and agreed to observe the rules.
  25. The Camp Rules are compulsory for all that come to the Vranov beach, Camp and accommodation units. Any person breaching The Camp Rules will be asked to leave with no compensation. In case of damage, the person who caused the damage, will be charged from 500 CZK up to full value of the damaged object.
  26. In case of an early departure, guests will be refunded money only upon providing a medical report.
  27. Guests are obliged to abide by the regulation No 4/1998 of Vranov nad Dyji otherwise they will be asked to leave and may get their vehicle towed away on their expenses.
  28. Guest agrees with taking occasional photographs or recordings during cultural, social or sports events, provided that there aren’t any personal records of any individuals generated, neither there are no further personal data systematically assigned to them. Photographs or recordings taken will be used for marketing purposes only.
  29. Visitor of the camp agrees with providing personal data that are necessary for registration in the place of accommodation and declares that such data have been provided voluntarily.

These Operating Rules apply from 1st of January 2023

Pavel Svoboda
company executive