Sports and Leisure Activities

Rope Park

At a height of 4-9 meters above the ground, you can overcome 17 obstacles in two circuits, with four cableways.

Trip on Scooters

You can go on your own route or take advantage of a guided tour of the Vranov Dam and receiving a lot of interesting information about the local landscape.

Unusual Sports Games

Are focused not only on teamwork, but also on the fun of their members. You can choose from many games (ringo, mölkky, sheet ball, Kin-ball, “blbárna” and many others ...)

Night Orienteering

Searching for clues in the beach area in two to four teams in a form of competition.

Abseiling from the Bridge

Abseiling from the suspended bridge over the Vranov Dam Bay. All participants are protected by climbing equipment.


Frolicking and dueling in giant balls. No blow from the opponent hurts. Several variants of games and duels.

Shooting Activities

You can choose from shooting the bow, crossbow, air rifle or Indian blower.

Canoeing Courses for Beginners

Basic introduction to canoeing and the canoe control.

Water Football

Lots of fun in clumsy motion on a slippery surface backed by the desire to win ...