Evening and Indoor Programmes

In Vino Veritas

An all-night entertainment programme in the spirit of wine, which is framed by the legend of its creation and production. You will be actively involved in a "wine making process". In a competitive and entertaining way, you will go through the individual production phases from the beginning of the vineyard through the growth of grapevine, the pressing of the grapes by "physical" technology, the withdrawal with the help of the "wine thieves", and the consumption itself. The programme includes entertaining competitions aimed at strengthening people-to-people relationships, problem solving and co-operation. At the end of the evening, all the "winemakers" will come together and the wine will be co-mastered in the guided tasting.

Busy Hands are Happy Hands

Games focused on co-operating within the team to enhance communication and mutual understanding in unconventional conditions placed in the indoor environment.

Sparkling Wine Fishing Out In Teams

So as the participants to earn a reward in the form of fishing out of the sparkling wine from waters of the Vranov Dam, they will have to face the last task - to find keys that will unlock their fishing out device. However, the participants are under pressure and the task has to be handled within a strict limit of time. In order to do so, they must quickly and efficiently, with a view of their physical fitness, divide their common strength and "pull one rope". Even the most talented individuals cannot handle this task themselves.

DJ, karaoke

Live Music

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