Animation programms

Animation Programmes

To make your holiday at Campsite Vranov Beach for a while, we have prepared a programme for you for every day. If you take your children with you, you will probably agree with us that fun for kids is never enough. However, do not worry, also adults will surely enjoy their time.

  • For kids and adults, who want to stretch their bodies and burn calories eaten in our excellent restaurants and refreshment stalls, there is an afternoon Zumba with Jája. Come and convince yourselves that you will really enjoy this activity.
  • If you fancy more adrenaline activities, do not miss Swing Jump, a dynamic swing that will raise your heartbeat.
  • Several times during a season you can see the programme Beach with Sword and Fire, after the sun sets, followed by a spectacular fire show.
  • Take your kids to see Punch Puppet Show, and delight also the kids in you.
  • The last but not the least, let's not forget! There is still one more tip for adults on holiday with children. In the evening, entrust your kids to our babysitters and thanks to babysitting enjoy a free evening twice a week!

Children can expect a lot of pleasant summer entertainment in our animation programmes. Lech the Catfish and Jája the Water Goblin prepare for them for every day, from Monday to Thursday, some fun as part of the popular Lech’s Vranov-Playing. Relaxing summer activities for children include

  • Music and dance evenings with dancing, singing, karaoke and children’s disco parties
  • Art afternoons where children can try modelling from clay, T-shirt or face painting
  • Night treks with treasure hunting
  • Evening roasting of sausages and playing the guitar and games and reading fairy tales at the campfire
  • And of course, a lot of games, sports activities and competitions.

Do you believe now that the fun is cared for at the Campsite Vranov Beach? If you wish to know what you can look forward to, check out the schedule of activities and news for this year:

Animation programs and camp activities