Operating Regulations

  1. The Operating Regulations of the camp cover an allocated area for tents, caravans and residential units within the Vranov beach and camp sites, operated by Vranovská pláž, s.r.o. Mladoňovice.
  2. The camping area can accommodate only individuals who properly check in at the reception desk located at the entrance to the premises, submits an identity card and pays a fee for accommodation. Each person accommodated in tents or caravan will receive a registration number, which must be visibly worn for a checking purposes.
  3. The accommodation provider may, in special circumstances, assign accommodation to a visitor which may differ but is very similar to that booked, even though the original booking was confirmed.
  4. A booking which was confirmed by the provider, can be cancelled or changed by the customer without a penalty at least 30 days before the announced date of arrival.
  5. When re-entering the premises during their stay, individuals must identify themselves by showing their permanent guest card and a valid certificate of accommodation.
  6. Camping is permitted only to those who are not carriers of, or affected by, infectious or parasitic diseases, or are subject to special health surveillance or quarantine.
  7. Unless prior arrangements have been made, arrival is expected from 3 p.m. Guests must leave the accommodation unit and space for tents and caravans at the latest on the day of leaving by 9 a.m. If a guest can´t comply with this condition, the accommodation provider is entitled to charge the price of accommodation for the next day.
  8. A guest who applies for accommodation before 6 am is obliged to pay the price of accommodation for the whole night.
  9. Guests pay for the accommodation in advance.
  10. At the end of their stay in accommodation facility, guests must turn off the lights and the water taps, shut the windows and doors and hand over the key to the manager of the accommodation unit.
  11. A guest has the right to use any facility of the accommodation units and services of the provider.
  12. Moving the furniture or making any other changes in the accommodation unit is not allowed without permission from the director of the company.
  13. Individuals staying in the camp are required to keep the area clean and tidy. Tents can be built and vehicles may be parked only in designated areas. Guests are required to follow the regulations of the Štítary and Vranov nad Dyjí municipal offices and regulations concerning protected water resource zones.
  14. Guests are required to put communal waste in designated containers in designated areas only. Other waste must not be disposed of anywhere else in the campsite.
  15. The period from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. is designated as “silent hours” and this must be respected. During cultural events silent hours are changed to 12 p.m. - 7 a.m.
  16. Making a fire is permitted only in designated areas identified by the accommodation provider.
  17. The washing of motor vehicles and their maintenance in the whole area is strictly prohibited. The parking of vehicles in the “sanitary protection of water resources” zone, if only for a brief moment, is unacceptable.
  18. Guests are responsible for damage caused to the property of the provider in accordance with general obligatory regulations.
  19. The use of the guests own electric appliances is not permitted.
  20. For safety reasons, it is not allowed to leave children unaccompanied on the premises of the accommodation provider.
  21. Dogs and other pets are forbidden on the premises of the accommodation provider and in the area of the campsite.
  22. The accommodation provider is responsible for money, personal documents and other valuables only if they were handed over for safekeeping. The provider is not responsible for items left elsewhere deposited elsewhere.
  23. Each individual person must be familiar with and follow the Operating Regulations. By paying for accommodation or tickets the guest declares that he is familiar with the Operating Regulations.
  24. The campsite Operating Regulations of the camp are mandatory for all who reside within the Vranov beach and campsite. Any person who violates the Operating Regulation, will be required to leave, without compensation, the Vranov beach and campsite area. In the event of damage or destruction of the accommodation provider´s equipment, the provider will charge a minimum amount of 500 Czech crowns - or the actual amount of the damage incurred.
  25. The accommodation provider returns money for late termination of the stay only on receipt of a valid doctor’s note.
  26. Host je povinen dodržovat vyhlášku č. 4/1998 Vranova nad Dyjí, jinak může být vykázán a jeho vozidlo může být odtaženo.

These Operating Regulations are valid from 1.1. 2010

Pavel Svoboda
company executive

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