Wine in Znojmo Region

Wine in Znojmo Region

Znojmo and wine are very closely connected with each other. It is said that the wine was brought to Moravia by the Roman legions. But the cultivation of grapevine was rooted in the period of the Great Moravian Empire. The first written references date back to the 11th and 12th centuries. At the end of the 13th century the wine-making guild was founded in Znojmo. The Znojmo wine had an excellent reputation and was delivered to the table of the Czech kings. Until the 16th century, viniculture and winemaking succeeded, but fell for a long time after the Thirty Years' War in the 17th century. It was restored only in the 19th century and reached a high level which it has held so far.

Wine lovers can visit innumerable wine cellars and wine shops, such as Lechovice Wine Cellars, Znovín Znojmo or Lahofer Winery, as well as private winemakers who produce high-quality wines. However, the beautiful vineyards surrounding the local landscape must not be omitted.

Every year at the beginning of September, the festival of wine called Znojmo Historic Vintage Festival is held in Znojmo

Cross Cellar in Přímětice

The cellar was built in the 18th century by the Jesuits and is one of the largest cellars in the country. The cellar can be visited individually from 1 January to 31 August, every Friday from 12am to 2pm, daily after 16pm via "N" Hotel (after check-in at the reception). Wine testing for groups available.

Painted Cellar in Šatov

The cellar is located in the wine village of Šatov, about 12 km from Znojmo. Sandstone walls with paintings represent naive art and were created between 1934 and 1968. Sightseeing and tasting is possible for at least 5 people by arrangement.

Blue Cellar

The Blue Cellar is located in the village of Nový Šaldorf, which is within easy reach of the municipal public transport to Znojmo. The sandstone cellar is 400 years old and there are 350 m long corridors, located 20 m below ground, and there are about 60 barrels of wine of various ages. The wines in the Blue Cellar are made from grapes that have matured in the vineyards of Kraví hora and Načeratický Hill.


This location is not only significant by offering breathtaking scenery but also archaeological sites. It was inhabited already in the Stone Age. In the late Stone Age, Šobes became an important social and economic site. The river Dyje was an important route. Already in the middle Ages, the site was used to grow grapevine. Due to the favourable climatic conditions, the wines from this area are extremely high quality ones. In the last century it was supplied to the Imperial Court and to the distinguished Viennese restaurants. At present, the grapevine is cultivated on this site on a total area of 11 hectares. Most of all, Ruland White and Grey, Riesling and Welsh Riesling are grown here.