U Tobogánu Cottages

U Tobogánu Cottages

The cottages are near the main Vranov beach, literally overlooking the water slide - hence the name of the cottage area - they are only about 50 metres from the beach too.

This place is ideal for both residential family recreation and for those seeking an active holiday as there is a lot of good walking in the beautiful surroundings of Vranov dam, which can take you to the nearby Vranov chateau. The cottages are suitable for family holidays, school trips, fishermen and, not least, as a meeting place for friends, and various corporate and private events.

The cottages are located directly in the Vranov beach campsite. The entire camp area offers plenty of leisure activities. There is a total of 15 cottages - 4-bed and 2-bed. A fee-payable car park is situated near the cottage area.

Cottage equipment:
  • 2-4-bed
  • bed, bedding
  • wardrobe, table, chairs
  • 220V socket
  • refrigerator
  • toilet and showers are shared in the area

Map of the campsite

Map of the campsite

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Pricelist 2015

Date Off-season
Season I.
Season I.
Season II.
2 - bed room 180 CZK
200 CZK
3 920 CZK
3 640 CZK
4 - bed room 180 CZK
190 CZK
6 440 CZK
5 600 CZK
Cottage equipment:
  • Cottages are 2-4-bed - 220V socket, lighting, bed, bedding, wardrobe, table, chairs, refrigerator, toilet and showers are shared in the area.

Off-season + season I. - May, June, September

  • child under 4 yrs who does not need a bed - free of charge
  • any day start
  • discount for groups of over 20 people who stay at least 3 days/2 nights
  • renting of heaters 80 CZK/day

Season II. + season III. - July, August

  • child under 4 yrs who does not need a bed - free of charge
  • payments for entire room, regardless of vacant beds
  • v hlavní sezóně je možná rezervace pouze na celý týden od soboty do soboty

Fees paid at the beginning of the stay

  • recreation fee 12 CZK/person/night from 18-70 years old (except organized school groups)
  • accommodation capacity fee 2 CZK/person/night
  • car parking 100 CZK/day, motorcycle parking 70 CZK/day

Ordering meals:

Meal Child Adult
Breakfast 80 CZK 100 CZK
Lunch 80 CZK 100 CZK
Dinner 80 CZK 100 CZK

Facilities in the camp area and near surroundings:

Free of charge for visitors
  • Access to beach
  • Toboggan, cinema and animation programmes only in the months of July and August
    (in the case of bad weather or equipment failures, Vranovská pláž company reserves the right to cancel these programmes)
  • Volleyball court, table tennis tables, sandpit, playgrounds for children, a large public fire ...
Charged services
  • Boats, pedal boats, rental of sports equipment, washing machine etc.
  • In the area of military convalescent - massage, squash, whirlpool, sauna, tennis courts, minigolf ...
Other activities
  • Cultural weekend programs
  • Water sports, fishing, mushrooming
  • Hiking, biking
  • Visiting cultural sights - castles, chateaux, national park ...

Ceník je platný od 1.1.2016, změna cen vyhrazena.
All prices are in Czech crowns (CZK), including VAT.

Online booking

Mobile Phone: +420 724 101 725 (Year-round)
Telefon: +420 515 291 291 (May - September)

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