Autocamping (ATC) Vranovská pláž

CampThe Vranovská pláž campsite has sites for 80 caravans with electricity connection and 400 tent sites also with electrical connections. Tents can be in both sunny places, and in the shade under trees. Parking for cars is provided on designated sites and, in some parts of the camp, directly by the tents and caravans. The camp is divided into quieter and busier areas.

In the middle of the camp there is a newly constructed building with barrier-free showers, toilets and kitchens. Sanitary facilities meet European standards and are kept clean and in good order. Toilets are free of charge. Kitchens are equipped with an electric cooker, microwave, kettle, dishwasher, bin for organic waste. Dishes are not provided. This building also has a baby room, a room with an automatic washing machine (extra charge) and chemical toilet.

Within the area there are two supermarkets and grocery stores, four restaurants, fast food stands for drinks, ice cream, hot snacks, etc.

toboganThe recreational area offers swimming in a beautiful environment and clean water. Everyone can enjoy the switchback, new water trampoline and windsurfing and it is also possible to rent boats, paddle boats, mountain bikes and various sports equipment. In good weather, movies are projected, for free, in the open air cinema on the beach four times a week.

There is a newly built common room in the camp in which you can play billiards, darts, table football and ice hockey, etc. There is satellite TV and large-screen projection as well as internet access.

Our youngest holiday makers can have fun in the sandpit and on slides and swings. During the high season we organize, for adults but especially for children, a variety of animation programs, of which the most attractive ones are the skill competitions. Children can show off their singing skills at karaoke contests.

The tourist train, whose route runs from the beach across the dam to the castle of Vranov Dyjí is a big attraction in the summer season from July to August and it is very popular among the visitors. Sports enthusiasts will enjoy the table tennis tables and multipurpose fields, which can be used to play volleyball, petanque, basketball, etc.
In the area of Military Convalescent Centre, you can also use the following services: massages, solarium, whirlpool, sauna, tennis courts, minigolf, etc...

PlážCentral campfires draw people to them as night falls. Hikers and cyclists can follow the marked trails to the nearby Podyjí National Park. The lake of Vranov Dam holds a large and diverse number of species of fish and it is just up to you to come to come and discover them. A fishing permit can be purchased in the campsite area.Walkers, cyclists, mushroom pickers and wine lovers wine will find all they want here. In the nearby surroundings you can visit the Vranov nad Dyjí chateau, Cornštejn ruins, Bítov castle, Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou chateau, Uherčice chateau, Podyjí national park, Šobes vineyard, the town of Znojmo with its underground, rotunda and the Louka monastery. Boat cruises from the Vranov dam up to the Bítov Castle were launched in 2006.

Pricelist 2016

Price for 1 night: Off-season
1.5.-1.7., 28.8.-30.9.
Main season
caravan, minibus (incl. el. connection) 320 CZK 390 CZK
camper (incl. el. connection) 140 CZK 200 CZK
Luxusní stání pro karavany + autokaravany
(Box včetně el. + vody)
230 CZK 300 CZK
bus, wagon 90 CZK 160 CZK
car 100 CZK 100 CZK
trailer 70 CZK 70 CZK
motorcycle 70 CZK 70 CZK
tent – small max 3 persons 50 CZK 100 CZK
tent – large 70 CZK 110 CZK
pavilion (to 2m x 2m) 50 CZK 100 CZK
Accommodation in the campsite on the beach:
children to 6 yrs zdarma zdarma
children 6-14 yrs 30 CZK 50 CZK
persons older than 14 yrs 50 CZK 100 CZK

Fees paid at the beginning of the accommodation

  • Recreation fee 12 CZK/person/night from 18-70 yrs (not organized school groups)
  • v případě ubytování v hlavní sezóně pouze o víkendu (pátek - neděle) bude účtován příplatek 20%, poplatek se neúčtuje při ubytování delším než 2 noci/ 3 dny, příplatek se nevztahuje na rodiny s dětmi (minimálně 1 dospělý a jedno dítě do 14 let)

Ordering meals:

Meal Child Adult
Breakfast 80 CZK 100 CZK
Lunch 80 CZK 100 CZK
Dinner 80 CZK 100 CZK

Whole-season reservation

Tent (up to 5 places) 27 000 CZK
Caravan + car 32 000 CZK
Trailer + car 35 000 CZK
  • price for whole-season reservation includes accommodation for 4 people and parking of 1 car
  • el. Energy consumption is not included, it is charged at 70 CZK/day

Pricelist for schools 2016

Outdoor schools – May, June, September

Date Accommodation
Boarding Total
Kindergarten 140 CZK 160 CZK 180 CZK 320 CZK 340 CZK
Primary School 140 CZK 160 CZK 180 CZK 320 CZK 340 CZK
Primary school (second level) 150 CZK 170 CZK 210 CZK 360 CZK 380 CZK
Secondary school 150 CZK 170 CZK 240 CZK 390 CZK 410 CZK
  • Teacher-supervisor for free with every 20 children
  • Food 5 times a day, drinks (except Secondary schools)
  • Meals 3 times a day for Secondary schools
  • Min. stay of 6 days/5 nights
  • Min. number of 20 children
  • Accommodation in cabins (a common sanitary facility in the area)

School Trips – May, June, September

Date Acommodation
Boarding Total
Primary school (second level) 160 CZK 170 CZK 150 CZK 310 CZK 320 CZK
Secondary school 160 CZK 170 CZK 160 CZK 320 CZK 330 CZK
  • Teacher-supervisor for free with every 20 children
  • Half board
  • Min stay of 3 days / 2 nights
  • Min. number of 20 children
  • in cabins (a common sanitary facility in the area, showers for a fee)

Facilities in the camp area and near surroundings:

Free of charge for visitors
  • Access to beach
  • Toboggan, cinema and animation programmes only in the months of July and August
    (in the case of bad weather or equipment failures, Vranovská pláž company reserves the right to cancel these programmes)
  • Volleyball court, table tennis tables, sandpit, playgrounds for children, a large public fire ...
  • babyroom
Charged services
  • Switchback, boats, pedal boats, rental of sports equipment, washing machine etc.
  • In the area of military convalescent - massage, squash, whirlpool, sauna, tennis courts, minigolf ...
Other activities
  • Cultural weekend programs
  • Water sports, fishing, mushrooming
  • Hiking, biking
  • Visiting cultural sights – castles, chateaux, national park ...

Ceník je platný od 1.1.2016, změna cen je vyhrazena.

All prices are in Czech crowns (CZK), including VAT.

Online booking

Mobile Phone: +420 724 101 725 (Year-round)
Telefon: +420 515 291 291 (May - September)
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